Exometric is an independent company within the NRGI consultancy group, specialized in real property and urban development analysis and consulting. 

NRGi is one of Denmark’s biggest energy companies with 1,500 employees and 210,000 shareholders. 

NRGi and Smart City
Creating smarter cities and working towards a more intelligent and sustainable society are not just interests of NRGI, they are founding pillars of the company’s mission. 

NRGi Consulting is a company in the NRGI concern that owns a number of companies that provide consulting for the construction and real property sector as well as the public sector. 
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About Exometric
Exometric is a consulting firm which provides potential assessments and studies based on data fusion and market interviews. 

Exometric provides impartial studies and consulting with unique insight into the intentions and future actions of both consumers and businesses, while documenting historical trends. 

We get our knowledge from in-house developed databases which pull information from as many as 15 different sources, socio-economic sources, forecasts as well as thousands of interviews with Danish households and businesses 

Our studies are tailored to the specific job and are always based on historical data combined with a forecast of future trends. 

The Exometric report
An Exometric report is a unique report developed for each individual customer based on their concrete wishes and needs.  

The report is a presentation of current conditions and an evaluation of future conditions developed by our experienced and specialized analysts. 

The report is provided in digital format. The evaluations and conclusions are presented by our analysts. 

Our studies are based on primary, secondary and tertiary data sources, such as historical data, statistical projections, market studies as well as online and direct interviews with pertinent target groups. 

All data sources are merged in our in-house developed Exobase with access to very large amounts of historical data and advanced data fusion tools.  

Our analysts merge report-specific data with Exobase where advanced algoritms make it possible for them, with a high level of precision, to analyze and evaluate the issues specific to the report.


Nikolaj Pfeiffer
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