Developing and leasing office properties

The office market is in turmoil. The needs of companies and their employees are changing as the way we work evolves, generating many innovative concepts which are placing considerable demands on new and existing office properties’ interior design, service levels, environmental certification, parking facilities as well as contractual obligations.

Exometric has the required insight into historical office market trends and future demand to ensure that the potential of an office property is maximized while minimizing risk.

Exometric provides impartial market studies of office properties for use with transactions, project development and leasing, and possible converting. The studies are conducted with Exobase, an advanced data base and data analysis tool developed by Exometric and specialized in the office property market. To create each individual study, Exometric implements concrete market studies of each property and its location.

The studies reveal, among other things, what type of company may be interested in a specific property or location where they can be recruited and which parametres are deciding factors for potential tenants. This is combined with a clear overview of the expected future trends in the particular area. This helps investors tailor the office property to the wishes of the target group to achieve higher rents and returns.

Upon request, Exometric can provide studies in several modules to meet their clients’ needs. An Exometric study provides concrete knowledge about current and future market conditions and offers impartial documentation for use when communicating with authorities, collaborators and investors. The studies can also be used as an important tool for commercial real estate agents in their sales and leasing work as it contains directly applicable knowledge about potential tenants and market conditions.

Exobase Commercial

Exobase is Exometric’s in-house developed database and data analysis tool. Our technology allows us to collect and merge large amounts of data and deliver relevant information about all parametres. On the basis of our historical analysis data, we can carefully select the right respondents for our market interviews and ensure market studies of high quality and validity.
Exobase’s analysis tool makes it possible for us to control and quality assure our market interviews against factual data and thereby achieve a unique level of certainty in the foundational data. The advanced algorithms used in Exobase merge thousands of data points and interviews which allow our analysts to generate studies that give an accurate picture of future trends in an area, a project, demand from a target group, or prices.
Exobase Commercial merges historical data about companies’ relocation patterns, preferences and barriers with interviews with decision-makers among potential buyers or tenants.

A selection of the market studies we offer

  • Office leasing studies
  • Development potential assessments
Location studies for investors
  • Potential documentation for sales
  • Portfolio analyses

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Nikolaj Pfeiffer
Tlf. (+45) 29 38 74 80

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