About Exobase

Exobase is Exometric’s in-house developed database and data analysis tool. Our technology allows us to collect and merge large amounts of data and deliver relevant information about all parametres.

On the basis of our historical analysis data, we can carefully select the right respondents for our market interviews and ensure the high quality and validity of our market studies. Exobase’s analysis tool makes it possible for us to control and quality assure our market interviews against factual data and thereby achieve a unique level of certainty in the foundational data.

The advanced algorithms used in Exobase merge thousands of data points and interviews which allow our analysts to generate studies that give an accurate picture of future trends in an area, a project, demand from a target group or prices.

Exobase exists in four versions that are tailored to various segments.

Exobase in 4 segments

Residential properties

Exobase Residential is Denmark’s most advanced knowledge base about tomorrow’s housing market. We merge historical data on the housing market, house buyers and tenants with market studies and data from many different sources.

Commercial properties

Exobase Commercial merges historical data about companies’ relocation patterns, preferences and barriers with interviews with the decision-makers among potential buyers or tenants.

Retail properties

Exobase Retail gathers data about consumer behaviour and market potential. Knowledge about future trends and consumption patterns is cross-analyzed with development potential and offers deep insight into leasing and development potential.


Exobase Municipality merges large amounts of data about residents in all Danish municipaliies. Data about the housing market, commercial trends and the retail market creates the foundation for advanced studies.

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