Operations and development in municipalities

Operations and development in municipalities
Planning who will be the future residents of a given municipality is becoming increasingly complicated by the continually changing wishes and growing demands of residents. While some target groups move away, others move to the area. Some population groups bring with them growth and affluence while others increase a municipality’s expenses for public institutions, service and care.

Many Danish municipalities are facing the challenge of translating visions into reality and creating local development and branding. Decision makers may make the wrong choices without a clear understanding of the potential of the municipality or a selected area, and of which types of housing, businesses and retail will be in demand the next three to ten years.

To ensure that municipalities’ strategy and vision take into account future trends among residents, it is important to secure valid knowledge and data that can illustrate the link between planned developments and the wishes and resources that the future citizens of the municipality will require . Here, both the physical planning of residential areas and allocation of resources is considered, for example, care and housing subsidies. Will the development result in the building or demolishing of schools? Should small or large homes be built? Can we expect increased municipal expenses for residents moving forward?

This is the knowledge Exometric can offer with its clear understanding of historical market trends as well as future trends and demand. Exometric’s impartial studies provide up-to-the-minute and accurate knowledge about what is needed to strengthen a region’s and/or municipality’s financial sustainability in residential and commercial property.

The studies are based on Exobase, an advanced database and analysis tool developed by Exometric and specialized in the market for housing, commercial and retail property development.

Exometric continually collects information in all 98 municipalities in Denmark. Due to the size of Copenhagen Municipality, the capital is divided into 16 independent subdivisions, which can be analyzed individually. Aarhus is divided into 9 subdivisions, and Exometric is in the process of dividing Aalborg and Odense into a number of subdivisions.

In parallel, Exometric performs nationwide market studies and interviews over 20,000 households across the country every year. In this way, unique insight is obtained into Danish households’ future housing-related intentions.

An Exometric study can provide valuable knowledge about and insight into the municipality’s plan and budget factors, and be an operational tool when working with individual municipalities on development and operations.

Exobase Municipal

Exometric’s market studies are nationwide and offer the same high data quality in all of Denmark’s municipalities.
Exobase is Exometric’s in-house developed database and analysis tool. Our technology allows us to collect and merge large amounts of data and deliver relevant information about all parametres. On the basis of our historical analysis data, we can carefully select the right respondents for our market interviews and ensure market studies of high quality and validity.
Exobase’s analysis tool makes it possible for us to control and quality assure our market interviews against factual data and thereby achieve a unique level of certainty in the foundational data. The advanced algorithms used in Exobase merge thousands of data points and interviews which allow our analysts to generate studies that give an accurate picture of future trends in an area, a project, demand from a target group, or prices.
Exobase Municipality merges large amounts of data about residents in all Danish municipaliies. Data about the housing market, commercial trends and the retail market creates the foundation for advanced studies.

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A selection of the market studies we offer

  • Studies to support urban development
  • Potential assessments for use with site purchasing and subdividing
Studies to provide the basis for budgeting services for residents
  • Studies for use when marketing municipalities and recruiting citizens for interviews

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