Developing and optimizing retail property

The Danish retail market is changing rapidly and demands are high for optimization and development on local businesses and grocery stores, shopping centres outside of the national capital region, destination shopping centres, and sites for shopping centres with stores for products requiring a lot of space.

Deep insight into historical market trends and consumers’ future demand for retail selection make it possible to define the conditions needed for a retail project or existing centre to achieve commercial success. This can optimize return on investment while exposing and limiting risk.

Exometric provides impartial market studies of retail properties and assesses potential for investing in existing retail properties, building new properties and redeveloping large areas and neighbourhoods.

Exometric’s studies are prepared using Exobase, an advanced data base and data analysis tool developed by Exometric, specialized in the retail property market. For each individual study, Exometric conducts concrete market studies of the property and its location.

Using a microsegmentation of relevant target groups, Exometric runs a concept test on potential tenants and brands based on concrete input. The concept test can be administered as online interviews or in-person interviews.

This contact with target groups creates a clear picture of which groups are likely to show interest in the retail location and how migration and consumer patterns will develop in the short and long terms. Exometric’s studies merge detailed consumer data about a current or planned selection of shops and products with consumers’ frequency and consumption in various product groups. With the starting point in the actual property, the studies shed light on the potential of the specific property or project.

The overall needs assessment provides a documented foundation for use in discussions with relevant authorities, collaborators and investment or financing partners. The study can also be used as part of the environmental impact assessment of a development project or a local plan area.

Exobase Retail

Exometric’s market studies are nationwide and offer the same high data quality in all of Denmark’s municipalities.
Exobase is Exometric’s in-house developed database and data analysis tool. Our technology allows us to collect and merge large amounts of data and deliver relevant information about all parametres. On the basis of our historical analysis data, we can carefully select the right respondents for our market interviews and ensure market studies of high quality and validity.
Exobase’s analysis tool makes it possible for us to control and quality assure our market interviews against factual data and thereby achieve a unique level of certainty in the foundational data. The advanced algorithms used in Exobase merge thousands of data points and interviews which allow our analysts to generate studies that give an accurate picture of future trends in an area, a project, demand from a target group, or prices.
Exobase Retail gathers data about consumer behaviour and market potential. Knowledge about future trends and buying patterns is cross-analyzed with development potential and offers deep insight into leasing and development potential.

A selection of the market studies we offer

  • Potential assessments
  • Local and destination shopping malls
Concept tests
  • Hinterland studies
  • Leasing studies

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Nikolaj Pfeiffer
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