Social housing

Development and renovation of social housing

The term ”social housing” is an umbrella term which covers three different types of housing: subsidized housing for families, the eldery and youth.
Social housing is developed with public subsidies to ensure the availability of rental housing that is affordable for the vast majority of the population.
According to the new Planning Act of 2016, municipalities have the right to plan up to 25 percent of social housing in new residential areas.

The Planning Act’s stipulations about new building projects resulted in widespread demand for buildings with mixed ownership – owner-occupied housing and social housing. This is partly due to cities’ desire to strike a better social balance through mixed housing types.

This means, that social housing is currently being built and renovated for billions. With such massive investment it is of the utmost importance that these residential buildings be planned to ensure that the finished homes appear as attractive as possible to future residents.

With its insight into historical market trends, future trends and demand on the market, Exometric provides a clear picture of specific target groups’ social housing renovation and building preferences, including size, number or rooms and outdoor space. The studies also reveal how many people will show interest in living in a specific social housing complex.

Our studies are supported by Exobase, Denmark’s most advanced analysis tool specialized in the housing market of the future. Every 6 months, Exometric carries out nationwide market studies where we interview more than 20,000 households across the country and create unique insight into their future housing intentions.

To prepare each study, Exometric, in addition to the nationwide studies, carries out specific market studies where we test individual properties against specific target groups and document their perception of a certain project or concept.
Upon request, our studies can be implemented in several modules which follow the workflow in the decision process or the development of the project from establishing the investment strategy to marketing the individual property.
An Exometric study can be used as a tool to provide new knowledge as well as impartial documentation of market trends for use in interactions with autorities or collaborators.

Exobase Residential

Exometric’s market studies are nationwide and offer the same high data quality in all of Denmark’s municipalities.
Exobase is Exometric’s in-house developed database and data analysis tool. Our technology allows us to collect and merge large amounts of data and deliver relevant information about all parametres. On the basis of our historical analysis data, we can carefully select the right respondents for our market interviews and ensure market studies of high quality and validity.
Exobase’s analysis tool makes it possible for us to control and quality assure our market interviews against factual data and thereby achieve a unique level of certainty in the foundational data. The advanced algorithms used in Exobase merge thousands of data points and interviews which allow our analysts to generate studies that give an accurate picture of future trends in an area, a project, demand from a target group, or prices.
Exobase Residential is Denmark’s most advanced knowledge base about tomorrow’s housing market. We merge historical data about the housing market, house buyers and tenants with market studies and data from many different sources.

A selection of the market studies we offer

  • Housing needs assessments
  • Concept tests
Area studies
  • Portfolio studies
  • Consulting

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Nikolaj Pfeiffer
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